Profitable Businesses To Start In The Basement

Some lucrative and profitable businesses that you can set up in the basement of your house are as follows:

Computer Troubleshooting and Repair

There are many people who find it very difficult to maintain a computer and repair it on their own despite the huge development that has taken place in this field. If you are good at troubleshooting computer issues and have a very reassuring personality then you can always think of starting a computer troubleshooting and repair business in the basement of your house. You can offer such services locally without renting space.


Serving as a freelancer is not as difficult as it used to be previously. Nowadays, the internet has made it very easy for people to get hold of work if they are good as writers, programmers or any technical field that makes use of a computer. You can easily set up your freelance business in the basement of your house. However, if you are not good at using the computer, there is nothing for you to worry. There are other freelance jobs that you can indulge in. you can go for the broker-type jobs or professional services such as real estate, accounting and even insurance. The only thing that you will need in carrying out such businesses is a list of names and a phone.